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There's a loose binning of monitors into 3 categories: Consumer equipment [$500 - $1500] Dell U-Series LCDs, Panasonic Viera Plasmas Entry-Level Monitors [$2500+] FSI, HP DreamColor High End Monitors [$$ - $$$$] eCinema, TV Logic Some of the features of non-consumer monitors that you'll want to learn about are: HD/SDI inputs Additional outputs ...


At 14ms, you can still get an effective 71 frames per second. It should be fine for working with video. The frames might not show up exactly at the start of their time interval, but it still should be ok. Faster response is still better, but it isn't going to be critical for anything other than really high frame rate gaming. 5ms is very VERY fast for a ...


Not dangerous at all. You may have impedance matching issues though. And possibly lots of noise in the signal because of the unbalanced source and mis-matched impedance. Start with the volume on the Yamahas all the way down and, with something playing on the television, nudge the volume up ever so slightly until you can hear the source. You want to make ...


Zacuto makes an EVF monitor that is 3.2 inches, and I can say from experience this is the real deal...Has built in sharpening monitoring to help with focus support, and has a detachable eyepiece...also look into their camera rigs fro your skateboarding videos, they could be really helpful for you. http://www.zacuto.com/zfinderevf


Since the speakers are un-powered you will certainly need either an amplifier or a receiver that can handle the Toslink. Honestly, if you are trying to keep the cost as low as possible, you may have more luck buying new speakers that take digital input. Toslink input on a receiver is a mid-range feature if not a high end one, so you probably aren't going ...


It is because you are calibrating the monitor correctly however the other two, The Sony LCD and the Computer are probably not correctly color calibrated in the same way, I know that my laptop seems to desaturate colors around the 30% mark and when compared to a calibrated monitor it looks quite a bit different...I would assume this would account for why they ...


Consider the Matrox MXO2 products. The Mini model allows you to gain blue gun control of a normal consumer HDTV, solving the big issue with calibration of these large displays. The MXO2 Mini is under $500, other models include features like hardware H.264 encoding and more advanced interfaces.

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