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Both MKV and MP4 are container file formats. Container formats define how actual audio, video, subtitle and other data are structured. MKV is an open standard format, while MP4 comes from the ISO and is based on the QuickTime file format.


That depends on your video file format and possibly if you have a surround encoder. Some file formats provide multiple audio channels that can be configured for different speakers, others rely on a Dolby encoding or similar to provide the speaker information in one audio stream. Either use a file format that supports multiple independent audio tracks per ...


That's really a loaded question. In general, the rest of your content is going to look better if you leave the computer at native resolution and let the computer scale the video. If for example you have a video that is a slightly different size, then you would end up scaling to get the resolution setting and again to get the native resolution of the ...


I don't know Windows, but I have just gone through this in Mac OS X (Linux Applicable). mkvtoolnix is your friend here, and is available for Windows. I used the GUI to check (a sample of) my files to make sure the audio tracks that I wanted to keep and delete were in the same order in the files. Then I manipulated the options in the GUI to match what I ...

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