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The telling part is in the name. If you are not aware, Behringer has had a longstanding feud with Mackie (among other manufacturers as well) about copyright and trademark violations. Behringer has lost at least one of these lawsuits and were forced to change their cosmetic design on many of their mixers. Their Xenyx series is a not so subtle copy of ...


While you often see compression in the effects section of editing software, it is dynamics rather than actual effects. In the traditional sense in the live world, compression is not considered an effect. The software world simply does it that way because they are all software filters, but even then they are often in a dynamics category. Compression, ...


According their product page (download the PDF brochure) the ethernet port is for HiQnet connectivity, which is a protocol that allows for both control and monitoring of all connected devices.


So you set the resolution of your TH2G to 720p50? In that case you don't get 720p on every output but 1/3 of that vertically. You have to set your th2g to 3840x720 so you get three 720p signals on your outputs. I also recommend using the Matrox App for setting resolution modes instead of the windows/osx display manager.


Try turning the gain all the way down and unplugging the channel. If the overload light is still lit, then there is a fault with your board.


Well, first off – all professional digital mixers today now have per-channel compressors, and more and more analogue ones also begin to have them, at least on some channels. Usually, there will be just one knob, basically controlling the threshold but possibly also a combination of ratio and gain. That's not as versatile as a fully-featured rack compressor, ...


Since your question is not very clear, I will answer generally and then improve my answer if more information is supplied. First of all, it is important to mention that there are 2 types of audio effects: Parallel effects - used with the original signal, without changing it. For example if you use delay or reverb; your signal gets routed to the effect ...


I researched both, and though the specs have the same features and the same sound quality, XENYX beats EURORACK because of the preamps. XENYX mic pre is a bit better than the EURORACK. You should purchase good quality microphone cables in either case to avoid excess noise. In the end both are good desks. XENYX only wins because of preamps. Otherwise, ...


You can use the port in V2 software to trigger HiQnet Venue Presets programmed via London Architect and System Architect; the iPad app to directly control the Si Compact is still in BETA test so it's not a 'product' on the web site but you can register for information at http://www.soundcraft.com/apps/visi-remote.aspx. If you have further questions please ...

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