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You could try the HitFilm Express 4, they have the sci-fi pack (25usd) which contains the VFX you want and specific tutorials for lightsaber ( and it works on mac :) Link:


Well for MiniDV, you want to find yourself should budget permit, the Canopus ADVC Conversion Unit. It is by far the best realtime hardware (external small box about the size of a VHS tape), that will allow you to on the fly input in HDMI, FW-400/800 and component video and output over HDMI or FW. (So it's flexible). The encoder is handsdown leaps and ...


How are you routing to Wirecast? SDI/HDMI to thunderbolt? An easy solution is to get a micro/mini recorder from blackmagic and pull in that second feed directly to Wirecast through thunderbolt. Then in Wirecast you can mix the program feed and the second feed while adding layers of graphics. We do it all the time during live broadcasts. Also, having those ...

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