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Yes, it's possible. Open Broadcaster Software is a free multi-platform solution that I know of.


I'm going to assume you want to view all 18 HDMI inputs simultaneously on a few monitors, then be able to send one of those inputs to an output for broadcast/presentation? I don't know what sort of effects you need, or anything else like that, but maybe this will get you on the right track. Or if you need the switcher to be seamless (i.e: no momentary signal ...


Only the 4K models of the Atom switchers support 1080p in 60 fps, like the ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K. Although a software control panel is included, I would prefer a hardware panel. Switching between 18+ input sources will be so stressful, that you don't have time looking where the mouse pointer is. A hardware panel has big buttons and knobs that you ...

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