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I don't know if this might be an option or even work but, couldn't you get a dark piece of paper or card and create a linear curve from the bottom under the seat to extend to the floor creating a curve just at the end so it looks like part of the chair.


The best bet is probably a combination of more light and using a flatter exposure. h.264 in particular does very bad with noise levels in shadow as do many CMOS sensors. If you are near the dark end of what the camera can capture, you are going to get lots of noise. The obvious solution is to keep things away from the dark end of what you can capture. ...


To reduce or eliminate the greenish reflection on the front of the table, you can buy some dark gray or black construction paper, or something equally non-reflective, cut it to size, and tape it over the 2 dark rectangles on the front of the table. I have 3 different solutions for the foot-shadows on the floor. You could point a semi-dim spotlight ...


I have done this with cheap camcorders and they work great! Currently, I use a Sony camcorder, and a Panasonic, and the only major difference is the brightness of the screen, which only bothers me outside in full sun. However, you are not going to be happy with footage of a presentation screen. There will be moire effects and other problems, and you are way ...

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