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There are a couple factors which can be giving you lagy playback.You don't specify your bit rate or codec. If you are editing a processor intensive codec like h.264 (not a good idea) -the processor could start to be a bottleneck. If you are editing a less compressed format like ProRes your drive or RAM can start to become the bottleneck. Since that is the ...


Something that isn't mentioned, but has a direct impact on performance obviously would be what effects (even fixed effects like motion & opacity) are applied on the footage while trying to cut. Other things to consider (some mentioned before, some not), in no particular order: Overall effects applied (including color correction). The number of ...


When I first started doing this, I always thought it was better to give them "clean" audio as well. I've since figured out that they want to hear themselves. Also they want to hear each other, so really you do not want a separate feed for them. Depending on what you are broadcasting, you may not even need the sound from the event. The only issue you're ...


Go to Preferences, the click on the MIDI/Sync tab. Open up one of your MIDI ports, and you will see the MIDI Clock Sync Delay. Mess with that. If that doesn't do it, then Driver Error Compensation, under Latency in the Audio tab.

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