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Trade in the iPad and buy a desktop or laptop that you can edit on. You will not produce professional results entirely on an iPad. I am not aware of any good video editing options for iPad, certainly none of the big names have a product available. There simply isn't enough horsepower on a tablet to perform the hard, complex operations involved in video ...


From what I recall The room should be dark, so the tablet is the light source. Experiment with the brightness, but usually low is the way to go. Camera doesn't need to be extremely close, but the more zoom you use the more obvious vibrations will be. Put the DSLR in manual focus and adjust it so the tablet is just slightly out of focus - this will remove ...


Wanted to chime in, Did you know that Bentley Motors ad, was filmed using an iphone. Using an iphone 5s to sell their $300,000 car. You heard right. I was quite surprised. Below are the details. Here is the commercial (after 3:15 mark you see behind the scenes footage) ...


There are already 2 great answers, I just wanted to add some input that would be too much as a comment. Firstly it highly depends on which iPad you own, the camera in the first 2 generations were "garbage". I think that changed a bit with the iPad 3 and iPad Air. If the quality of your iPad camera doesn't produce suitable material you can stop right there, ...


There are plenty of camera apps in the app store that will let you lock of the exposure and focus of the iPad's camera. These are the features that I'd consider most important. Locking focus and exposure keeps the camera's settings from "breathing". This forces you to think about focus and exposure before you start shooting. This forethought is the ...


From the look of the specs page, the current iPad (4) can handle up to 2.5Mbps MPEG 4 video at HD resolution (1920x1080) at 30fps. Going above this will result in what you described. See discussion link below: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5012754?start=0&tstart=0


Even better is to use a HDMI capture device like a Blackmagic Intensity. Plug the iPad (or any tablet with HDMI output) into it and away you go. Perfect screen capture.

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