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What solved the problem: Check your capture software settings. All settings (your monitor/capture device settings, your hardware settings and the settings in your capture software) should be correct and equal. What can help track down similar issues: Very likely a framerate issue. Only the 4K version of the Blackmagic Capture cards supports 60FPS and your ...


The GoPro would be a perfect candidate for what you want. It's a so called "action camera" and is a very robust (water tight with case) wide-angle camera that can shoot in very high frame rates with HD resolution (even more at lower frame rates). Suitable recording options for high speed sport events would 1080p @ 60FPS or 720p @ 120FPS. The camera also has ...


Pretty simple actually--running the signal through most HDMI splitters seems to work just fine. I can't be sure if this is a feature of all splitters, but Iv'e got two different models/brands of HDMI splitter and I can record HDMI just fine with 'em.

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