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Your hardware is NOT underpowered. I can run FCPX on a old MacBook Air using proxy media, with only 4GB if memory. That machine is much slower than yours. So it's not the MacBook that's the problem. Have you tried to copy your media to a local drive just to see if you have issues with your raid system? Another thing to check is running the Activity Monitor ...


Using three random laptops for this is likely to be problematic. You may find that the players get out of sync fairly quickly. If you require frame-accurate sync (or better) over a video of any length, you usually need a single computer with a triple-headed graphics card (like Matrox) playing a single video comprising all three parts. I don't know Syncplay ...


As you want to play three different videos, daisy-chaining projectors or copying the signal using an amplifier is not viable. Machine While you can get one machine to play to three different projectors I think it will be quite expensive and prone to errors. Average laptops/desktops are not equipped to output a video signal to three screens. You will need ...


I believe the cable you are looking for is this one on Amazon. It is a 2.5mm TRRS jack to 3x RCA component cable. However, this is a very old model of GoPro, and could be hard to find manufacturer's original cables.

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