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Most topics have been very well discussed already, I just want to add a case were even more than 400hz is very much needed. As previously stated by Oddthinking, the eye and human brain don't work like a TV or Camera. This especially counts for cases where our other senses are involved. E.g. video games, high-frame rates of 60-120hz are very well perceived ...


As a gamer, I notice a huge difference between a regular 60hz monitor and a 120/144hz one. The smoothness of fast movements is impressive! BenQ L2420TE Asus VG248QE EDIT - Televisions have input lag, so it doesn't feel as smooth as these monitors.


The reason why modern TVs have been pushing higher framerates is not because people can see much beyond 30-60Hz, but because if the source framerate and the display framerate doesn't match exactly, then the display has to either drop frames, or add frames. This mismatch is visible, particularly during panning scenes, for instance. It used to be that ...


A similar question (except about 60Hz) was raised on Skeptics Stack Exchange. The answers there discuss how the human eyes works differently to screens and cameras, and doesn't have a frame rate, and that being able to distinguish flicker and being to perceive that we distinguish it may be separate concepts.


No, there is no practical limit that we know of yet to what would be best, there is however a practical limit to what we can capture and display. In tests with airforce pilots, subjects were able to identify a plane from being shown a frame for only 1/220th of a second.1 They eye is able to pull information out of extremely short periods of time, but ...


As per my knowledge television sets are clocked to 60 hz refresh rate. As it goes on increasing like 120 Hz the pictures will look more smoother. but lets say for 200 performance will enhance a bit. But for 600 Hz or so our eyes will not feel much difference than 200 Hz. So as per my opinion its not necessary to have refresh rate as high as possible in ...

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