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For half the price and DSLRs only, the Ronin M probably makes more sense. The Helix Jr. makes sense for more. It can hold up to 12 lb of stuff vs the M's 8 lb (which is kind of crazy, considering that it's even lighter), and the fact that it's naturally at heart-ish level as opposed to belt level means a lot for good framing and the ability to hold it at a ...


I misspoke in my original question, I've fixed the sentence so hopefully it should be clearer. I'm just wanting to listen to the PC out, while simultaneously listing to the Mic out as I record it. If you using Windows, then just go to the Sound (Right click in notification area) > Recording devices > Chose you device > Properties > Listen > Listen to ...


Depends on the type of mount your camera has. This is a good solution for the A7S or A7R and was recently shown at NAB: The Aputure DEC. They also have one for MFT. And this should be available soon!

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