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Start here: 10 free video editors Keep in mind that free video editors are very simple and do not have many effects. I recommend you to buy inexpensive video editing software, like Sony Movie Studio or Cyberlink PowerDirector. Take a look at this list of consumer video editors


Windows Live Movie Maker is a free app that can do both audio and video fades (both in and out). You probably already have this application installed on your computer, and if you need further help I would imagine you can find a number of YouTube tutorial videos. Once you import your video, click on the Edit tab and you'll see the audio fades immediately. ...


You can't do much about it. Movie Maker can only export in WMV format - and WMV is created for small video sizes (at the cost of quality). You will need another software package to export in other formats than WMV. Check out Pinnacle products for alternative - they target amateur producers.


Blender, which is free and open-source, can do difference matte keying. I don't know if it's better or worse than After Effects' keyer because I haven't used it before.


VirtualDub is a very powerful video editor. However, it's not very intuitive to use it and it has a steep learning curve. On the plus side, there's a large internet community that supports it, so lots of online resources are available. For your specific problem I've made a short tutorial below. I've done all steps in Windows XP with two .mov files from a ...


The Youtube Video Editor does the things you list. Here's a screenshot of the editor in action. As you can see you can adjust the color balance and the saturation and, not shown here, it is also possible to combine several clips into one. When you're done editing go to your Video Dashboard, click on the arrow next to Edit on your video and click ...


Without looking into this in too much detail: ffmpeg lists a fade filter which fades in/out video. You might be able to use this in conjunction with the volume change filter to effectively fade in and our the audio/video.

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