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Don't do the frame rate change in Photoshop. Do it later on in AE. Export all 30 frames from Photoshop, then import them into AE. Make a new comp in AE, setting the new frame rate as 12fps in the comp settings. Right click on your image sequence and choose "interpret footage as 12fps".


Unfortunately I couldn't find it in Adobe Encoder preferences - there is no such settings, and by default it loads 30fps sequence. You can change the default in Media Encoder by going to the Preferences/Media and then change "Indeterminate Media Timebase"


Looks like you will need to transcode all clips with frame rates not matching the project's frame rate: If the frame rate is of a clip is not compatible with your project, it displays in red. You will be unable to import the clip into your project. Clips with incompatible frame rates may be playable in a new project set to the same frame rate as ...

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