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If your external drive is actually hooked up but it still doesn't show up and you get the message "no value", do a "get info" on the drive and check the "ignore permissions" box on the bottom left.


There isn't a right or wrong answer here I don't think. Both approaches have advantages. Keying at 1080p will give you clearer detail when trying to find edges, but also will have more noise that could throw off a key. Additionally, the downscale after the key will apply a slight blur to the image further disguising the edges to make the keying less ...


The original AppleTV could only playback at 1280x720 at 24fps. Because your video is at 25fps, it has to use a slightly lower resolution. If you either lower the frame rate (probably not an option) or exclude the original AppleTV, it should export at the higher resolution. I believe there's another setting than the "Most Compatible" one which excludes the ...

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