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Since the speakers are un-powered you will certainly need either an amplifier or a receiver that can handle the Toslink. Honestly, if you are trying to keep the cost as low as possible, you may have more luck buying new speakers that take digital input. Toslink input on a receiver is a mid-range feature if not a high end one, so you probably aren't going ...


Don't use the Ken burns effect. Animate the transform controls, setting keyframes for scale and x/y position. By default, the keyframes will ease in and ease out, giving you a Ken Burns like effect, but you'll be able to control it more precisely.


I don't have any indication from your post as to what subject matter you are recording and how much experience you have with video production. I'm going to assume that you are recording live action and from a distance. The best you can do is put the camera on a tripod as close to the action as you safely can, zoom it wide as possible, and keep the camera as ...


As Final Cut Pro is not made by Adobe, it does not have the same exact processing engine for dealing with the effects in a PSD. This appears to be an artifact of the difference in processing between the systems. To work around this, I would recommend exporting the components as TGA or some similar file format that has alpha support. Simple alpha blending ...


Motion 5 has more robust image stabilization tools. But ultimately, this issue is best fixed when you're shooting, not in post-production.


Because software stabilization methods cannot compensate for the shifting parallax of a shaking lens, they will always produce less than ideal results. In my experience, FCPX's stabilization is just as good as other software packages (I have experience with Shake and After Effects as well), and they all basically work the same way. This is probably not the ...


Scratch disks should never be external. I'm not sure where you heard that. External drives can be used for long term asset storage, but it is best to move assets local to work on them. The point of scratch disks is to be the highest speed work area you have available to work from. Scratch disks are used for data that needs to be moved in and out of ...

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