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The technique you are looking for is called "motion tracking". Currently, FCPX doesn't have the ability to do this on its own, but you could use Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects to accomplish what you're after. Motion tracking, in general, follows patterns of pixels as they move around the scene. Depending on the effect you're after, and the demands of ...


FCPX project -> Play through timeline = OK FCPX project -> Compressor -> ProRes422 = NG (muffled sound) FCPX project -> Compressor -> AAC Mono = NG (muffled sound) FCPX project -> Compressor -> AAC Stereo = NG (muffled sound) FCPX project -> "Share" -> Master (h264) = OK (but the size is too large) FCPX project -> "Share" -> Master (h264) -> Compressor -> ...

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