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there is a german speaking website that sells sj4000 fitting red and magenta filters if you are still searching: http://www.magic-filter.de/artikelliste/gruppe/id-004-produkte-fuer-qumox-sj4000.html


If your goal is to get better at coloring.. yes keep tinkering. If you want a push button possibility download try SpeedGrade and try some of the preset "Looks". Ultimately, for any auto correction to look exactly like the Picasa one would be a piece of chance. I am by no means a color guru, but I found these resources helpful in some recent projects: ...


To add onto what Professor Sparkles said and to give more of a specific answer to your question, I believe this is done entirely in post (but I could be wrong because I have no experience on set). If anything, one could definitely reproduce this (or very close to it) in post by performing a few things: Remove Noise Balance your R,B,G channels Juice the ...


I have not seen any movie that used any onset technqiuqes for this look. Of course you want the lighting to give away a certain mood to begin with but there are no special filters needed. For the post production workflow, there is a great plugin for several video tools like After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut from Red Giant called Mojo that makes it ...

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