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I'd recommend posting this same questions on the Startups Stack Exchange. There are a lot of people on that forum who will have great business advice for you!


One good place to start would be the US Small Business Administration. You're going to have to file for a business license, pay taxes, learn about the law, consider hiring employees, etc. This website has information on all of those topics and more. You also might want to look into small business classes at your local community college.


Depending on where you live, there will be some specific steps you need to take in order to start up your own business (which you'll ultimately want to do if you want to start charging people for your services). Other than that, I'd recommend that you start out by collaborating with some kind of non-profit organisation, if you can find one that have a need ...


I hate to burst your bubble, but if you are expecting video to be a similar level of intrusiveness to photography, you are almost certainly mistaken. Video is a much more work intensive process as it requires constant attention to make sure you are getting smooth usable shots instead of the occasional random thought that "I'd like a photo of this." It is ...


Wow broad question, do you have anything to narrow it down, only want wide, closeup, POV (from front or back), moving with the actor etc. what is the context of the film or story does it need the shots (Storyboard) If it was me, using a wheelchair could produce some nice shots from behind, if it is on a road/street you could film out the back of a cars ...


Well, its a bit of a generic question. Almost like asking how to take a movie like shot using your camera. The answer is equally generic. Lighting, to prevent blowout or shadows take the shot when its cloudy, or near sunrise or sunset. (Unless you wanted a grunge harsh hot feel and maybe over exposed is the effect you are after, so take it at noon). Make ...

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