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Well the program that encoded the file that works was Apple QuickTime so not much of a suprise that it's working. QuickTime can be a little picky when it comes to mpeg4/h264 encoded files. I looked at the files and possible factors are the encoding profile and maybe the GOP setting. Basline Profile Level 3.0 for the broken one and Main Profile Level 3.1 for ...


I believe NRD is Nero's version of ISO. Someone likely created the NRD file when authoring the DVD and rather than burning the NRD file to the disk, they burned the file itself on to a disk. Try doing a burn image with Nero Burning Rom and select the NRD file as the image.


The output is an .MTS file, which is ~450 MB. What is the reason for that? It is desirable to record and master in the highest quality possible, and only convert to lower bitrates for delivery (if necessary) at the final stage. 450MB for two minutes is 30mbps. That's not particularly high for a capture bitrate; it's a typical capture bitrate for ...


HD video is very, very large at high quality. 450MB for two minutes isn't actually that bad. To put it in perspective, assuming you were shooting 1080P and 24fps, if there was no compression applied, that same 2 minutes of video would be 6 gigabytes of information. The reason that videos you download or watch on bluray disks are so much smaller is that ...

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