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There is no switch to set a file size in percentage but there is the -fs switch. This switch can bet set to let ffmpeg try to get to a specific target file size set in bytes (for example -fs 52428800 to get to 50MB). You can write a script that takes the original file size and calculates your new desired file size depending on your specified percentage value ...


Depending how the content was made, the banding might be introduced when you're converting your content from RGB colorspace to YUV. You can try to make an h264 while keeping RGB colorspace, although I've read it's not easy. Are you able to use another codec?


The bands you're referring to could well just be a limitation of the 8-bit colour space. In theory the way to solve this is to use 10- or 12-bit colour space through every stage from rendering, to editing and mastering, through to output and even in the screen or projector. However your final output is probably going to be displayed in an 8 bits per ...

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