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Any decent encoder can hit a target bitrate (with 2pass), but still spend the bits intelligently to achieve similar quality throughout the file. x264 2pass figures out what CRF will give the desired bitrate (pass1), and then uses it (pass2). (source: Dark Shikari. cf. the links I dug up for my answer on this question about VBR streaming). You only get ...


Use the subtitles filter to create hardsubs ("burnt-in" subtitles): ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf subtitles=subs.srt -target pal-dvd output.mpg -target pal-dvd will make the output have a frame rate of 25 and a frame size of 720x576. If you want NTSC output instead for a frame rate of 30000/1001 and frame size of 720x480, then use -target ntsc-dvd. For a frame ...

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