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BTW, this question might be better on stackoverflow, or maybe unix.stackexchange, or maybe serverfault. This site is I think less focused on questions that don't involve decisions based on creative merit or at least perceptual video / audio quality. However, I'm all about the tech details, so I'll answer. FFmpeg uses multi-threading by default, so you ...


libtheora is single threaded. There is a multithreaded experimental build, but is not maintained. I would suggest running it in parallel with the other encodes. Also if possible use libfdk-aac over libfaac. Much higher audio fidelity at the same bitrate.


See here, specifically "Same filtering for all outputs": https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Creating%20multiple%20outputs


The ffmpeg build you have uses libx264 compiled for 10-bit. Apparently one can only build with support for either 8-bit OR 10-bit. So, you'll need a build where libx264 supports 8-bit.

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