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This isn't a phenomenon, this is compression. It is simply how it works. Compression works by taking an input, runs it through some algorithms and then gets an output that matches up either exactly (lossless) or approximately (lossy) with the original input. It is not stored like normal video data as a set of pixels, but rather some form of data that ...


To understand this you need to understand how codecs actually work. A plain uncompressed video frame e.g. a single picture is pretty large. I'm talking about a bitmap, not a lossless encoded video, no encoding at all, just plain pixel information. Here simple example of a Full HD frame for some perspective: We have a resolution of 1920x1080 that equals to ...


That is way out of the h264 specs. According to Adobe After Effects the format constrains for h264 are at min. 10fps so even 2fps are (not, see below) out of spec and could result in issues with some players. So Avidemux seems to allow out of spec settings, that 1 fps isn't possible, is very likely an internal issue with how h264 gets encoded in Avidemux. ...


This is probably pretty obvious, but... Sometimes the 'Remaining Time' indicator in AME jumps up at particularly intensive parts then drops back down when not processing stacked AU+AE+PR sections

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