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Most probably you don't have latest version of Adobe Premiere CC. As far as is concerned this feature is added in Adobe Premiere CC 2015. I have older version (version 7.0.0 (342)) and that feature still missing in that version. You shall update your Adobe Premiere CC till the latest version.


I think this can be solved using motion interpolation I use it to watch video's in 60fps instead of the 24fps in the files. The SmoothVideo Project supports this and has a link to a tutorial on their website which explains how to convert video's into different framerates using interpolation. The instructions can be found here: ...


Mulvya is right - it's shallow depth of field, achieved by having a lens with a wide open aperture, corresponding to a low F stop number.


Shallow depth of field or focus.


If you change the frame rate of everything to 60fps you'll get an even frame blend every 2.5 (60fps) frames. If you change the frame rate to 120fps you can eliminate the stutter completely, as 30 fps will repeat frames 4x and 24fps will repeat frames 5x. But few systems can play 120fps, whereas many can play 60fps (including YouTube).


make your first comp with your keyed footage in it. Create a new comp with two copies of the first, offset by one frame. Apply the hue/saturation effect with the hue rotated by a few degrees, let's say 8 degrees, to the bottom layer. Add some offset, say -20px on the x and y axis. Create a new comp with two copies of the second comp, this time offset it by ...

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