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You could try processing the audio first to get it to the same speed as the video playback. Using (for example) Audacity you can apply a speed change of -0.1% (1000/1001) which is very likely the amount you're drifting by. You can change the rate without changing pitch, but if you can tolerate the very slight pitch shift you'll get slightly better results by ...


It is possible that the device is dropping frames when recording. If there are a lot of apps running or the device is running low on memory. I would try rebooting the phone then try to record video and see if you experience the same problem.


There is Microsoft Movie Maker that comes free with Windows. It is part of the Windows Essentials package that is available for the recent versions of Windows. I have found it is quite simple to use and able to perform the simple set of tasks you list. There are a few online help guides and YouTube videos about using it. The nice thing is that as it is ...


I don't know Pitivi but in general it's not hard to do what you need, just sometimes a little time consuming. Use a digital audio recorder that can record 48K at 16 bits at a solid fixed rate. In this case since you already have sync audio from the camera, you can use it as a reference track to find and check sync with the separate track. It helps to use a ...

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