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Method 1 First, with the Premiere project closed, move the original files that you're editing with to a new folder or other location. Open your project and it will warn you of missing files. Click the Relink others automatically checkbox and then hit Locate. Navigate to the folder with the new graded footage, find the first clip and press Ok. It will then ...


If the only difference is bitrate, then any container which accepts variable bitrate streams, will fulfill your requirement e.g. MP4, MKV..etc Step 1 is to encode your segments, ideally using the same encoder, to different bitrates with all other parameters being the same e.g. via ffmpeg, ffmpeg -ss 0 -t 5 -i input.mp4 -b:v 1000k seg1.mp4 ffmpeg -ss 5 -t ...


Set temporal interpolation to Hold as seen below:


Personally, I would ditch the usb3 drive for editing. Assuming you can't buy a third drive I would do your setup like this. Do a two drive setup. C: OS and media cache d: (raid) Media, projects, previews and exports. I've always followed the advice here and its worked great for me. ...

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