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I would disagree with Scott on this. I think ML is great for starting out doing video for a beginner, but you need to be sure to read the ML forums to learn about the features it offers you. DSLR video is not easy. It is far more complicated than shooting video on a consumer camera and getting good results requires skills you don't have yet. Magic ...


My guess, what you are seeing is most likely the result of the better color detection and processing with the sensor and image data and the better depth of field provided by a high quality professional lens. There is far, FAR more to image quality than simple resolution. The color accuracy of the sensor, the dynamic range, shadow detail, vibrancy and ...


As someone who just went through the transition of using Canon firmware to Magic Lantern firmware, no. It depends ENTIRELY on what you know. For instance, do you know what shutter speed, ISO, and aperture are? Do you know what effect shooting "wide open" or with a high ISO has on your shot? Do you know how to correctly set your white balance and get correct ...


You can't do that. There is no tablet on the market (right now) that offers an HDMI input or any other physical display input. Your only option would be to stream compressed video over the USB (or Lightning on iPads) connection or Wifi to an app that displays that stream.


The Manfrotto is a 500 series, so it uses the Video Camera Plate. I'm not sure what you mean about adapting Benro products.


Have you considered buying an entirely separate set of QR plates to unify your entire setup? For instance, in our setup, we use a tripod, a monopod, and a GlideCam with various attachments for each of these (rail systems, teleprompters, etc.). By adding this (relatively) cheap QR plate to the top of each stabilization method, we can switch our cameras around ...

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