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While I have no idea on how to mount two accessories on a DSLR, I did find this external microphone and recorder wrapped into one. It's a bit on the pricey side, but it'll get the job done: Shure VP83F LensHopper


Yes, that should work. Be sure you adjust your interface for the lowest latency without audio dropouts. You will need to measure and compensate for the latency in your audio interface. Once you know the latency value, you can easily adjust the A/V sync in the video editor. Good luck!


You should consider other options than Nikon/Canon. Even if they have proven DSLR can do really good video, thanks to 5D Mark II/III and Magic Lantern, they do not compete well against Panasonic and Sony. If you compare 5D Mark III against a Sony A7S, you're going to have a much better video quality on A7S, thanks to its far superior sensor. Much higher ...


No, the D750 is not a good alternative for an avid videographer, at least not if you want the advantages Magic Lantern offers. ML isn't available for Nikon. The reason has nothing to do with the technical advantages of either platform, you can get models of camera that are fairly close in that regard. The problem is that Nikon does not have anything ...

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