DSLRs (or digital single-lens reflex cameras) are the digital adaption of the SLR camera. SLRs are known for interchangeable lenses, which allows the camera to be more functional by allowing for more types of shooting (Macro, Long Range, etc...). DSLRs (for this site) are cameras that have dual functions; video and photography. All new DSLRs include a function to shoot HD video. This has vastly increased the appeal of DSLRs to all ranges of film makers. Why?

  • DSLRs are lighter than most Prosumer HD video cameras, which make them more attractive for hit and run style of shooting, as there is less equipment to move.
  • DSLRs are generally cheaper than Prosumer HD video cameras, while providing most (if not all) functionality of their pricey counterparts.
  • DSLRs shoot photos as well, so someone does not have to decide between a still camera and a video camera.
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