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What sorts of fabric/material give good results? Both general tips and specific examples/links are helpful. Great Resources for tips on lighting and materials: http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/alindsay/story/greenscreen_primer_part_1/ http://rebelsguide.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2432 Underexposure (not lighting enough) is your biggest enemy, ...


Here's what I used for my setup. Fabric/Material The main thing is to find a material that is very green. Walmart sells (at least in Maine) a very green cotton fabric that works well ($9 for 3 yards). I've tried materials that are a lighter green, but without success. One thing you have to watch out for is large wrinkles, which will quickly ruin the ...


Me and my friend made one for a video project. What we did is took a white bed sheet and just painted it with basic green paint. It becomes a stiff starched fabric texture, which works well for hanging it on a wall. To light it, We used just work lights (3 100watt bulbs + unknown wattage) to light it. The lights we used were like this: We just had to play ...


This won't be a full answer to your question, but LearningDSLRVideo has a few clips about DIY greenscreen--more from a shooting/software standpoint, than the physical setup standpoint, though. How to Key DSLR Green Screen DSLR Green Screen Test DSLR Green Screen Test with Premiere CS5


I've reflecmedia chromakey with good results using a DSLR for both stills and video, producing great easy to key files. Reflecmedia Pop up screen We plan to use this as part of our DSLR HD Video DIY Greenscreen Training course at United By Photography.


I've heard green table clothes from a dollar store work very well. You can stack them to make them more opaque if you like, and the lighting is more important than the material anyway.


You could use multiple cheap cameras recording at low fps, but slightly out of phase. Bennett Wilburn talks about this in his 2004 Stanford Doctoral thesis, "High Performance Imaging Using Arrays of Inexpensive Cameras".


This will not work because of the difference in absorption of light. The scene will look completely different lit by different colors of light and thus each of the frames will not fit together in a sequence. There is no shortcut for capturing high speed video, you need a high speed camera. You can get cameras up to about 240fps at consumer price points ...


It's not on Youtube, so I can't embed it, but there is a nice tutorial here that looks like a simple, and very inexpensive method to achieve the streak filter. (link is to vimeo) Basically, you affix a piece of fishing line across the lens.


iMovie is extremely easy to use - maybe you just need to find some local classes or a friend who can walk you through the process? Alternately, try writing up the screenplay version of your story so you can shop it around to local producers. If you can write out a compelling story, you will have an easier to finding people to collaborate with you. And the ...

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