Cubase is an audio workstation for recording, editing, mixing and producing music.

The current release comes in three flavours: Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6, Cubase Elements 6, offering differing levels of features and instruments.

Composition and sequencing can be undertaken through Key, Score Drum and List editors. Further detailed dynamics and controller values can be edited through Expression Maps.

Recording of, say, guitars or miked instruments is supported, including "Control Room" functionality for custom bus, send and monitor setups.

Audio Editing can be undertaken for sample manipluation or, using "VariAudio", vocal editing and pitch alteration.

The mixer supports "128 physical inputs and outputs, 8 inserts per Channel, 64 FX sends as well as 256 groups/busses and unlimited routing between audio channels, busses, groups and FX returns".

The built in VST Instruments include

  • Halion Sonic, Groove Agent Drum Sampling, Loopmash, Prologue (polyphonic Subtractive synth), Embracer synth, Monologue (monophonic synth), Spector (Spectrum Filter), Mystic (Comb Filter).

and effects covering

  • Parametric and Graphic EQ, filters, WahWah, Compressors/Expanders, Gates, Limiters, DeEssers, Distortion, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Pitch Correction, Panning.

The products run on 32/64bit MacOS and Windows platforms.

Official Site: steinberg.net
Product History: wikipedia.org

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