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Yes, it seems to be a problem of generated timecode. See https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/12713#no1 Switch to ffmpeg (with a GUI like Avanti) to avoid this issue. My answer to an earlier webm question may guide you on settings.


Whatever else you may be facing, one big obstacle is the DVD players themselves. They're not designed to output 1080p. Even if you could get the image onto them in Bluray format, they couldn't output it. (If they're really Bluray players, then you don't need any hacks, just a dupe of the image.) If the content is something they want to see, people will be ...


Cropping the video won't help, necessarily. What you need to do is render the video with the proper aspect ratio (roughly 9x16), and at or above the iPhone's native resolution, which is 750x1334 for the iPhone 6. Source: iPhone 6 Screens Demystified It's mainly the aspect ratio that is causing the problem you're seeing. Your video is probably 16x9, which ...

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