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MP4 files should be all you need. There shouldn't be any encryption on the files. It is possible you may need to download a codec. MP4 files are just a container format, so different codecs could be used within it. It is possible that you don't have the needed codec installed, but if you do, the files should just open in After Effects without issue.


RAM is not the critical part of a transcode, CPU is. Since it is working stream to stream, fairly minimal memory actually has to be required if the encoder is operating efficiently. The memory speed does matter for scratch space for the processor, but not so much the quantity. The CPU (or GPU if using GPU optimized encoding) is what does all the work and ...


Given your are using a VPS this is no suprise (guessing you only have a single core with 1-3GHz) and you won't be able to crunch the conversion down to a few minutes. You can try using -c:v libx264 -presets ultrafast but I'd guess it will still take you about 45-60 minutes to encode. Also remove the -crf option when using a preset. Be advised that the ...


Somewhat of an duplicate of: Can I manually change an .mp4 to .m4v by changing the extension in the Finder (mac) or explorer (win)? MP4 and M4V are essentially exact same thing, M4V is usually used for video only files but some sofware is using it for standard MP4 files with video AND audio aswell. It's just a convention to signal the type of content. An ...

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