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The settings say Stereo. The doubling of file size might indicate that the original file was mono.


I've now solved this problem. I was using Export > Movie, when I needed to go to Adobe Media Encoder to find more extensive options. I kept most settings the same, but believe turning 'Bitrate' off may have decreased the data rate. I got the filesize down to around 120mb, which is much better. This video helped me find the Adobe Media Encoder.


If you are looking something that can do that at the same time and is reasonably well developed, then you are probably looking at avconv. It has the same base as ffmpeg, which has already been mentioned, but currently doesn't have a GUI (to the best of my knowledge, i've not gone looking, since i have no need for it). Let's look at an example of how you ...


As you say, noise by definition doesn't compress well. You can try different types of noise in FCP. The Add Noise filter has several choices - Gaussian is a reasonable simulation of film grain, but you can try the other choices, too. They might compress better (or worse). But your best bet is to increase the data rate of the resulting file. I don't know ...

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