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I've answered a similar question some time ago. YouTube added a few codecs since then but all the info there still applys: What codec will my Youtube uploads be output in and what codec should I use to upload? Short answer: Yes if you are concerned about maximum quality a lossless codec or visually lossless codec is the way to go. Re-encoding always means ...


OK, after using different encodings, recording in different modes, trying different field recorders, trying different NLEs, I refreshed my PC (Windows 8 Refresh), reinstalled my drivers, updated, reinstalled AE and PP and it works. So it was a confliction with some sort of 3rd party program, driver, or errant system file, etc.


You are using the same bitrate for each video. The bitrate determines how much data is used per second. The resolution has nothing to do with how much data is used, it only impacts the number of points of data which are encoded (and thus determines part of the quality of the video output for a given bitrate). What you end up with is a lower resolution ...


That has to do with choosing a variable bitrate aswell as how h264 essentially works. Some videos can be compressed better than others. If in one video for example you have a lot of "still" frames with not much moving the scene, h264 can compress that a lot better than a video with a lot of action. H.264 is doing motion estimation and works in so called ...

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