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x264 would be a good option, its an extremely fast and efficient h264 encoder, probably the best on the market and its open source. I has several good presets/profiles f.e. the ultrafast profile which can encode FullHD with several 100FPS on a modern multi core cpu. I made good experiences with it regarding capturing real time rendering applications. Its ...


You really only have one option. h.264. It is the only codec that can fulfill you needs here. And its the only codec that can play on mobile. You will have to pay licensing to MPEL LA, and probably to the software vendor (most likely core codec). You can also encode using some OS/Video card features (NVENC for example), and possibly save the software costs.


There is a rule in compression, quality, size and speed, pick two of three. Video compression is an incredibly complex process that requires a lot of resources on either the CPU, GPU or both. You can get around that one of two ways, you can either reduce the level of compression (with lossless being the fullest extreme) or you can reduce the quality ...


You would use FFmpeg for that. It requires that you are a bit familiar with using command line applications but even if you are not its really not complicated. The things you want to do have been covered in these questions (and probably others): Why does quality degrade so much if just cutting video with ffmpeg? (different topic but the answer tells you ...

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