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If anyone else is interested, Coursera just started a "Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing" in partnership with Northwestern University. From the syllabus, it looks like many relevant topics will be explored. https://www.coursera.org/course/digital The course started on March 31, 2014. Here is the general course outline: Introduction, ...


There is no way around needing more data rate to capture that much video information. It sounds like the camera probably isn't actually capable of delivering 1080P/60 but that they use a very low quality version so they can slap the label on the box. Data rates are generally measured in Mb(bits)/sec rather than MB/s, but even if your suggested rate ...


I assume the actual data rate is 3.3 Mb/s, not MB/s (bits, not bytes). This is very low for 1080p60, and artifacts are likely at such a low rate. You might consider capturing at at least double that rate. Alternatively (or also), halving the frame rate to 29.97 would double the effective bit rate. You would be trading some motion artifacting for less ...


I'm also looking for a comprehensive resource on video/audio codecs. Wikipedia article Comparison of video codecs is a good start.


Vantolinomo - You might just be experiencing 'gamma shift' which can happen when you are exporting to H264 video. You can find a tutorial to fix this here: http://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2008/06/fix-quicktime-gamma-shift/

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