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The PS3 is very picky on what it plays and what not. I had the same problem as you (again with an OpenShot video) Solutions 1)Use that automatically transcodes to formats for PS3 2)Convert your existing video to PS3 format with


Use this ffmpeg* command: ffmpeg -i "" -c:v copy "20151105-175532.mp4" *get 32-bit static build.


I read somewhere else that people switched container .mp4 to .mkv and now it works with Windows Movie Player. But I do not why .mp4 does not work anymore with my Windows Movie Player. And iMovie can not read or open .mkv - so I have still this problem. With 'switched' I mean recoded it - I used Handbrake for it.


The variable frame rate is all that stands out. Save future videos with constant frame rate. As for these ones, transcode using ffmpeg* to CFR MP4s: ffmpeg -i currentvideo.mp4 -c:a copy -crf 16 -r 30 -fflags +genpts newvideo.mp4 *Get the 32-bit static build.

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