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I am able to get the hw-acceleration working through ffmpeg using Nvidia graphics card. I just thoroughly followed the steps described here. Hw Acceleratoin guide


What are the limitations of AAC-HE codec while doing 5.1 audio ? HE-AAC v2 can only encode stereo from my experience with Nero AAC and the article in Wikipedia about Parametric Stereo. Why is AC3 preferred when compared to AAC-HE ? Which case are you actually talking about? Are you sure it's HE-AAC not AAC-LC? Dolby Digital / A/52 / ...


FourCCs are Microsoft's ID tags for streams e.g. avc1 for H.264/AVC or mp4a for an AAC audio stream. The container doesn't really matter. If you want to change the FourCC, use ffmpeg like so ffmpeg -i -strict -2 -c copy -vtag ABCD where ABCD is your new 4CC/tag. You current file already shows avc1 for the video stream, which is default ...

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