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The problem is that my alpha Mask has a feather. Which results in greeen peaking through the Mask. So the only solutions are export an alpha mask with no feather or export the original image with a black or desaturated background.


Part of it may be the fact you are using JPEG sequences. JPEG isn't a pixel accurate format and you are going to have some differences in block quantization that could potentially result in mismatches. I don't think that is the only issue since it is a bit too regular for it to be the only issue, but I'd try to use an intermediate format that is a bit more ...


I would guess that it is trying to correct for green highlights in the chromakeyed video and overdoing it. It's relatively common for green screen footage to have greenish reflections due to light bouncing off the green wall back on to subjects. The chroma-key effect may be attempting to automatically correct this and catching objects that have no such ...


This might be an issue with the Vegas chroma key program removing green from all objects and making it transparent rather than finding only solid green and modifying that. Someone may know how to fix this in Vegas, but if all else fails you can run your keyed footage through a program like Davinci Resolve Lite (free) and correct the colors.


There are a zillion greenscreen tutorials on YouTube. The basics are simple. 1.Pure green paint or fabric. 2.Even lighting on the green, good lighting technique on the subject. Avoid spills and shadows. 3.Use the highest quality camera, lenses and compression you have available -- but don't freak out unless you're using a lot of translucent objects like ...

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