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If your actually looking to produce a single image from a number of temporally-local frames, then your probably looking at doing some kind of superresolution or drizzle integration. There are tools that do this. I use them for astrophotography myself, such as Registax and AutoStakkert!! 2. These are designed to generate astronomy images, such as planets, ...


I have no practical experience, but you might take a look at using a (linux) computer with blackmagic decklink or intensity pro card. There are command line tools like bmdtools which (should) allow you to interface the capture card. https://github.com/lu-zero/bmdtools You could then pipe the video input to ffmpeg to record. I don't know of a setting to ...


This is really going to depend on the quality of your camera and the quality of your VCR. In general, the circuitry that is used to digitize an analog signal has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 10 to 15 years, but also VHS tapes and VCRs produce limited quality to begin with. For maximum quality you will certainly want something with an S-Video ...


OpenDML is just a slight difference in the internal arrangement of an AVI file allowing it to go beyond the 2GB limit and supports a few other new features. It shouldn't have any particular impact on the data within the file, though I'm unsure why one file was stored that way and the other was not. Perhaps the software you were using only includes the ...


You can do this with Processing. You would have to write a processing sketch to step through the movie frame-by-frame, and calculate how different each was from the previous frame. When the difference is above a certain threshold, save the whole frame as an image file. Here is a forum post about something very similar. Other than processing, you may ...


1 - No, you will need more than one card. 2 - It's entirely dependant on your motherboard, but where i work we have 2 Black Magic Intensity Pro cards, and they do an excellent job of capturing HD footage over HDMI. They are also relatively cheap, so would suit your needs. They also allow you to run multiple cards in a single system.


The cheapest boards i know: the elgato game capture HD. the BMD Intensity series. In that price-category you will need one board per camera. You don't need additional HDMI- or FiWi-cards. These boards can capture via HDMI, so there are ports for that signal. Edit: Yes, this boards can capture the audiosignal too.

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