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In the Media View window, select all the clips you want to change. Right click one of the selected clips and choose "Clip Attributes". In the Video portion of the Clip Attributes, tell Resolve what you want it to do.


It all boils down to "Do you need it" If you are shooting corp promos and your clients keep asking or are insisting on 4K then Yes you can look into it as you can justify the purchase as the work is going to pay for it in the end. If it is just an odd job here and there that they want 4K then hire one as it will be much cheaper at £££/$$$ for a day or two ...


Bottom line with the canon rebel series cameras is that the video is pulled from a low resolution capture of the chip which is normally used for high resolution photos. The photos from these cameras will resolve many thousands of lines but the video compression chip in the camera cannot deal with these in real time so they just grab the image that goes to ...

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