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There's a couple ways I know of to do this that might work depending on what you need. The first way would be to use an HDMI capture card like the Blackmagic Intensity. The second way would be to use the Canon EOS utility over USB.


Short answer: no. The presets you get are what you are stuck with. If you can do 1920x1080 at 30fps, it's easy enough to use a video editor or converter to go down to 1280x720 with minimal loss. I frequently would record at 1080p on a Canon DSLR, and then finish and render at 720p (with the same framerate).


The problem isn't the remote timing, it's the rate at which data can be written to the SD or CF card. The camera can shoot a bunch of images quickly in burst mode because it stores them in an internal buffer for a short while before it writes them to memory. However, this pace of data acquisition is not sustainable for long periods of time because the ...

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