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Not sure on camera but you should check out http://bit.ly/TheFroknowsphotos it really helped me when I first started and got me on the right track


The AF subsystem is part of the camera. It is not affected by the lens. Face detection is also part of the camera. STM only affects the speed of focus for a lens (assuming that the camera feeds it with correct information.) So yes, STM lenses are better for video when coupled with a camera that has fast focus on its own. For your problem there are two ...


I agree with stib's idea of getting an external monitor, and I would also add that getting a follow focus system can help with focus pulling. A good system like this one will allow you to mark certain spots on the "marking disk" (it's a whiteboard-type material, so you can use dry-erase markers over and over again). I usually mark my focus points on the disk ...


Probably the best thing you can do is get an external monitor. the electronic viewfinders on most DSLRs are too low resolution to be able to judge focus critically. Many of these monitors have built in edge peaking, or focus detection tools as well to make it even easier. Unfortunately to get a decent high resolution external monitor is going to cost the ...

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