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Yes, if you record a video in 4K, then downsize to 1080p, the image will look much clearer than if you shot the video on a 1080p camera. You can also zoom in up to 200% and still retain the quality in a 1080p time line. Why it may look better is because most sensors these days use chroma subsampling. On most consumer 1080p video camera products, the camera ...


There are three key factors in your cameras low light performace: 1. Lens (Aperture) The lower your f-stop, the more light gets through to the sensor, you will also have a very shallow (narrow) Depth of Field. Often this is a requirement at night, since cutting off most of your light is generally a bad idea. When looking at any camera, see what lenses are ...


Ensure that you purchase the 3D kit for the current generation of GoPro Black Edition. There was a 3D kit for the older GoPro HD (and they have a terrible set of similar names for all their products). I take it you are thinking of the Hero3 Black, Hero3 Silver or Hero3 White and not the Hero3+ Black or Silver? These are different products and it looks ...


Instead of the Teradek unit, I would try the new Epiphan Pearl, which can stream and record to/from multiple sources.

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