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That can happen, when you use different Pixel aspect Ratio. Use Match Sequence Settings and use Pixel aspect Ratio in your sequence same with footage.


There are a couple of questions here, so I try to break them down. Can a smartphone outperform a DSLR? In optimal conditions, yes. But as soon as you reach the limits of a smartphone camera, you cannot do anything about it. With a DSLR you can do so much to stay within the limits: change the lens, have an optical zoom, manual mode, you name it. Kit Zoom ...


I've had my fair share of matching. C100 with 5D MK III, 5D MK III with 7D, 7D with C100, 7D with a Sony Camcorder. It's all a matter of getting two cameras that are similar in terms of resolution and how 'soft' the image is. For example, the C100 is incredibly sharp, like 4k sharp in 1080p, whereas the DSLRS I mentioned are quite soft. Although you can add ...

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