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I think the traditional knowledge is that if you want to be an editor, then you should know how to drive all 3 of the major programs (Avid, Final Cut Studio, and Premiere), and maybe some of the less mainstream broadcast editing and finishing systems (e.g. Smoke). You should probably know a handful of specialized audio programs too. Lucky for you, the ...


If you're not impressed with X then I'd suggest going back to version 7. Learning your way around a new program will be a pain in the arse. I'm not sure how professionally you work but if you can be bothered, Avid is a great program once you get to know it. Otherwise, man, I'd probably just get used to FCPX.


This is likely due to the video codec that you are using. First, an explanation of terms is required: WMV is a container format. These can contain one or more video or audio streams - with video this is normally one video & one audio stream; and these are encoded with various codecs (coder/decoder). I'm not very familiar with the WMV format - for editing ...


You want to use VirtualDub to convert your FRAPS files. Just drag the clip into the window, select video from the top menu -> compression. Change the codec to Avid AVI Codec 2.0d2 and then configure it to your desired resolution. BAM! The outputted files should work. You can also try MediaCoder and XVid

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