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FFmpeg have dynaudnorm filter, which increases audio volume where needed.


Simple. Get the waveform of your audio file (You could screenshot the audio file in a sound editor to do this). Animate it moving sideways. Less simple: Bring the audio into your comp. Right click the audio layer and chose Animation Assistant>Convert audio to keyframes Now use the keyframes to drive the scale, rotation, position etc of some elements of ...


The Trapcode Sound Keys plugin can do this quickly and easily.


The PS3 is very picky on what it plays and what not. I had the same problem as you (again with an OpenShot video) Solutions 1)Use that automatically transcodes to formats for PS3 2)Convert your existing video to PS3 format with


The Rode videomic Me is specifically designed for smartphones


There are a lot of variables in this equation, and any one of them could be the culprit. These include: the quality of the audio picked up by the lapel mic, the quality of the PA preamp, the quality of the PA signal output to the wireless transmitter, the quality of the wireless transmitter, the quality of the wireless receiver, and finally, the quality of ...


Looks like Audition can read BWF markers but Premiere doesn't. So, two options are 1) to save separately the regions between markers. or 2) export a WAV from Audition, with cue points that which Premiere seems to see.


The following command shows a video with a waveform of the corresponding audio: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -filter_complex "[0:a]showwaves=s=1280x720,format=yuv420p[vid]" -map "[vid]" -map 0:a -codec:v libx264 -crf 18 -preset fast -codec:a aac -strict -2 -b:a 192k output.mp4 I replaced avectorscope with showwaves: avectorscope is for showing the difference ...


There are at least three ways to put things together in Premiere Pro: linking, grouping, and nesting. Linking is the lowest-level, assigning audio tracks to a single video clip. You cannot link two video clips together, regardless of how much audio they may want to share. Grouping allows you to treat multiple clips of audio and video as part of the same ...

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