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The Mainconcept or Sony codecs in Vegas are subpar for low-bitrate output such as needed for HTML5 use. Use ffmpeg to generate your HTML5 videos. Yes, mono audio is acceptable for HTML5 use, but once you use ffmpeg/x264 for generating those videos, the 6kB/s savings you get from switching to mono audio won't matter much if at all. Get the 32-bit static ...


This article - How to Set Audio Levels for Video - offers some good advice. To summarize: Overall Mix Level: -10db to -14db Dialogue: -12db to -15db Music: -18db to -22db Sound Effects: -10db to -20db with occasional spikes up to -8db. I usually set the voice a bit louder (-8 to -10 dB), but take these as a rough guide.


Use ffmpeg -i 1.mpg -c:v libx264 -c:a ac3 -b:a 192k 1.mov in order to convert to a MOV file containing H.264 video and AC3 audio. I've used 192kb/s as bitrate for the audio and the H.264 encoding will use the defaults of CRF 23 and preset 'medium'. To convert only video, and strip out audio, use ffmpeg -i 1.mpg -c:v libx264 -an 1.mov


If you are referring to tutorials or commentary then yes, you would record the original performance (perhaps with computer sound), while thinking of your audience. When I record tutorials for software, I often perform the example while talking, then go back and edit it down to a reasonable length. I remove unwanted sound, then re-voice the finished edit from ...


The process you are describing is called ADR (automated dialog replacement) or dubbing - after picture is locked, lines are recorded separately in a controlled environment and mixed to match the appropriate sonic perspective the required. If you were to adr all of the lines in a vid, you would also then add in a room tone/ambience to give it a soundbed to ...


It won't make a difference because your box is SD. No amount of signal inserted in it would make it look HD. To show HD, you need HD ready equipment.

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