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There are two key things for audio when shooting video that you MUST have. First, you need to have good audio/video sync. Whatever recorder you use, must be able to produce good, solid timecode that will match up properly with your video, otherwise you end up with drift, which can be very hard to adjust for if the clock is inconsistent on your audio ...


I guess it really depends on your production and how high of quality you want. You will hear countless times, if you stick with this hobby, that audio far outweighs video when it comes to importance. This is somewhat counter intuitive because the video is much more obvious an impact than the audio. For this reason, however, purchasing the best audio ...


Generally speaking, a transition will start before the end of a clip. You need enough video to have something to play while the transition is occurring. The video will normally keep running until the end of the transition and that also means that the audio will keep running until the transition finishes. You would need to play with the volume adjustments ...


OK, after using different encodings, recording in different modes, trying different field recorders, trying different NLEs, I refreshed my PC (Windows 8 Refresh), reinstalled my drivers, updated, reinstalled AE and PP and it works. So it was a confliction with some sort of 3rd party program, driver, or errant system file, etc.

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