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Yes, that should work. Be sure you adjust your interface for the lowest latency without audio dropouts. You will need to measure and compensate for the latency in your audio interface. Once you know the latency value, you can easily adjust the A/V sync in the video editor. Good luck!


I haven't used pitivi but you can do it with any decent video editor (I use openshot -http://www.openshot.org/) The process is as Jim Mack says. You clap your hands 3 times in front of the camera and then you combine the video track and external sound usings these claps. Regarding audio, your best and cheapest solution is the Zoom H1 (recorder) and the ...


I don't know Pitivi but in general it's not hard to do what you need, just sometimes a little time consuming. Use a digital audio recorder that can record 48K at 16 bits at a solid fixed rate. In this case since you already have sync audio from the camera, you can use it as a reference track to find and check sync with the separate track. It helps to use a ...

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