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This depends on your budget. I'll assume you have an infinite budget and let you make decisions based on your actual budget. The first thing you want is a quality camcorder. Some people will recommend a DSLR, but those have issues with color accuracy in film. Get a quality camcorder and make sure it has an external microphone and headphone jack. You may ...


I would suggest looking into the black magic pocket cinema camera (bmpcc). This camera has a very wide dynamic range which gives you the possibility to record footage that you can color grade. This is an important part of film making. Also the bmpcc has a 16mm sensor, this will allow you to buy very reasonably priced and very "filmic" looking 16mm lenses ...


Here is a list of equipments my film-making friends consider very useful.(I own few of them). Budget is $1800, excluding a good computer and post production software. A decent DSLR camera with kit lens. (eg: Canon t3i with 18-55mm lens - $500) Prime lens for great image quality and shallow depth of field (Canon 50mm f1.8 - $100). Great for shooting ...


There are a couple of software for sync audio and video files. Try out my freeware tool: http://auxmic.com

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