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Simply copy the two animated masks to the 4th footage file and set them to "Intersect" instead of "Add". Then they will only reveal the footage that they are applied to when they intersect with another mask. Then put this footage files layer ontop of the others. Here a screenshot as a reference.


Another idea would be to use something like Fraps or some other screen capture or screen casting utility to capture the playback of a visualizer in a music player of your choice. The exact combinations of software to use would likely depend on your choices in music player though. I know Fraps will only work with ones that are DirectX based.


A free alternative for After Effects is Jashaka. It runs on every plattform and has some decent features. While it wont have the comfort of after effects for creating such an effect its certainly possible. If you just don't want to spend all that much but still willing to pay a small price you can go for Apple Motion which costs 50$ and is a fairly powerful ...


According to the this article, iTunes has a music visualizer. You would still need to get screen recording software (unless you want to point a camera at your monitor!). I'm sure that someone has asked about free screen recording software on this forum somewhere.


I'm currently following this tutorial and at 12:44 i think i got the same problem as you did in this situation. When I turned on "Accept lights" my text turned white to my ...


Rendering in 1080p takes up more resources than 720p, so it is normal that your render is slower than usual, even though your new hardware is superior. 1280x720 = 921600 pixels per frame, 1920x1080 = 2073600 pixels per frame. The software has to render 2.25x the amount of pixels per frame, so you can expect it to take about twice as long. the 770 GTX has ...


You will need to create 2 layers, one with the foreground person and one with the background, with the animation in between. Since you only have the one layer, you need to duplicate it, and send one copy to the front. You then have to remove everything except the foreground from the front copy. How you do this will depend on your footage. I'm assuming you ...


Often by default the Audio Output checkbox is not checked in After Effects. When you go to add the composition to the render queue, make sure Audio Output is checked.


As currently stated, the answer is, you can't. The only thing special about that video is that it is very well planned out and coordinated with lots of lighting making it almost certainly outside your budget to reproduce something similar. The video work itself is all actually fairly basic. Any camera with a decent dynamic range and sharpness could ...


You may be able to simply use an adjustment layer in Adobe Premiere Pro and use the Three Way Color corrector to deal with this. It is similar to editing a still in Adobe Photoshop. You will want to adjust the levels initially then the tonal range and possibly the curves. If that doesn't work, then the next step would be to try to incorporate masking. If ...


I can't give an After-Effects specific answer, but maybe this will help.. 1 - If you want to color a specific part of the image, deal with "region based filtering." In DaVinci-speak, that's Power Windows. Masks, Shapes, Roto. However you phrase it. That's how you tell the computer what part of the image you want to effect. Tie the mask to a tracker so ...

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