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We shot one of the first indie HD films back in the day when the prosumer HD cameras first came out. Because we were one of the first feature films to shoot in HD we secured a national theatrical release. If I was shooting a feature film today, I would do it in 4K. Because at some point in the near future theaters, NetFlix, Cable Networks, etc. will be ...


In my opinion, the market for 4k delivery is still very small, but that doesn't mean its useless. Shooting at a higher resolution than the delivery resolution allows you to recompose shots without any quality loss. If you shoot a talking head in 4k but deliver in 720p, you can get a wide, medium, and closeup from the same shot. In my experience clients ...


Where are you planning on exhibiting the footage? In my experience, the average consumer has a low-quality TV they bought because of the price, and they have the factory settings that look awful because they don't even know that they would want to change them, let alone how that would happen. In my opinion you're wasting your time because your client ...


Based on this illustration, you are able to compare the sensor sizes of red cameras with film formats like 16mm, 35mm or 70mm imax and so on.

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