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I bought a camera that I plan on using for my videos. The problem? It streams over the network, live, in a format that I've never even heard of.


I've tried everything, and I don't know how to get it to a format that something can read. What is this format, and what can read it?

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What kind of camera is it? –  AJ Henderson Jan 18 at 14:48
I bought a Lowes iris camera. I'm doing a production with "survailence" like footage, and I thought that rather than do editing to make it look like that, just buy a camera that does it for you. –  ilarsona Jan 21 at 20:23

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From everything I can see, this is a proprietary format with no third party software that can open the files. Does the software that came with camera allow you to export footage as a more compatible format? It would be up to the manufacturer to be providing a software package that can save out a standard video format.

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