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Windows Movie Maker is very slow in converting from MP4 to whatever it's using as its preferred/interim format. What is their preferred format, so I can convert to it using faster and/or GPU accelerated programs?

I've somewhat ruled out WMV, however, I converted the video to it, and WMM is processing it a good amount faster.

What is the ideal format to use for movie maker for importing video?

55 hours of video to encode/process with microsoft "technology" is not fun!

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Please retag this, I can't create the tag "windows-movie-maker", which would be most appropriate. –  Yet Another User Dec 22 '13 at 2:12
To the close vote: this is not opinion based. Most probably Windows Movie Maker has a preferred format which doesn't need any transcoding by WMM. –  Bart Arondson Dec 23 '13 at 12:42
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Windows Movie Maker, being a Microsoft product, works with WMV files using the Windows Media Video codecs. You can use the free Windows Media Encoder to encode the files. I believe there is also a free version of Microsoft Expression Encoder that you could use as well. Expression is a bit newer, but slightly less capable since they moved a lot of functionality to the commercial Expression Encoder Pro (the Pro version is unfortunately not free).

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