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Recently, at work, I and some others have come to find that we need to work with video in Cubase. We have Cubase 7 LE, and all of our computers run 256 MB AMD graphics cards (if I can recall). All other elements of the software work excellent, except for video.

Cubase is able to import video, but for whatever reason, on our computers we cannot view the video. The video viewer just doesn't seem to be in the software. This is the same on all of our many computers, so the problem isn't specific to just one computer. According to what i have researched, the software either requires QuickTime or DirectShow- both of which we have- and yet the video player still isn't there.

In the video section of the device settings menu, the software says that my graphics drivers need updating. I have checked, and the computers all have the latest available graphics drivers.

As my home computer which has a 4 GB GPU runs video fine, as well as a 1 GB GPU Macbook pro, I am somewhat under the impression that the Radeon HD 4440s loaded in our work computers just aren't powerful enough. If this is the case, what is the minimum requirement for GPUs in Cubase, and if it isn't the case, why are we having this problem?

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