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I'm installing entire package for Live venue including Soy BRC H900 with Video Wall contoller. From Sony BRC H900--> SDI signal running about 100ft and converted to HDMI by Blackmajic Mini converter-> connected to Video Wall controller. All other device is working just perfect but camera image looks red. I have done few test by using regular TV and monitors. Camera image looks ok on some monitors but it look bad on some monitors. I guess some monitors did not support HDMI signal type from output from BlackMajic Mini converter.

Can anyone let me know what kind of signal converter can fix this issues? or what is the name of this kind of sysptom? I can look for solutions my myself.

I talked to Sony and Video Wall controller manufacturer, Sony said, Their product followed smtpe standard for their SDI signal standard, and Video Wall controller said, it's called "color space" is this right word to call this symptom? Then can this issue be fixed by using output selectable SDI to HDMI converter? is there any device like that?

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What is the output from the video wall controller? Can you post sample pictures that show how red tinted they are? It sounds almost like a color channel isn't making it rather than a color space problem, but it's hard to tell from the information you have provided. Also, which Video Wall controller is it? –  AJ Henderson Nov 26 '13 at 14:39

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