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Hi I have an interesting task I want to achieve. I currently manage a website that acts as a tracking system for a popular piece of flight simulation software. Currently we take a dump of the lat/lon and other data of everybody flying every 5 minutes. This has been done constantly for the past two years. There is close to a million records now in the database.

What I would really like to produce is a video of the world showing these lines being drawn in a sped-up fashion however this isn't really my area and I can't think of the best way I could go about this in such a programatic fashion. I've seen similar types of videos done before but has anyone got any ideas of what routes I could go down to make this visualisation?

Thanks, Rory

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I just tried to visualise all the data at once in Google Earth with some interesting results: cl.ly/image/2b0x1N09270X cl.ly/image/3G233e0m3N3C now I just need to work out how I can make more use of this. –  Rory Nov 3 '13 at 17:49
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