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I'm trying to locate a desktop capture driver.

I am using Flash Media Encoder 3.2 and had a device listed as "desktop capture engine" in my list of devices. Allowed me to stream my desktop.

I had no idea where it came from so I tried to uninstall some programs to see which one "removed" it. Bright idea, I Know!

So after removing RealVNC and Super! from my computer, it's gone, but re-installing those programs doesn't re-add the device. I'm wondering if I had a different version of RealVNC installed. I don't remember downloading from their website before.

Anyone know what the origin of this driver might be?

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I have installed SUPER today, and Desktop Capture Engine has appeared on my computer.

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Thanks for verifying that. – agrothe Oct 19 '13 at 23:43

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