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So, I'm asking that, since I've got a GTX650Ti 1 GB graphics, and it takes 5 minutes to render a simple 1 minute video with minimum effects. Is it normal? I've tried it both with Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Will the 2 GB version of GTX650Ti increase performance?

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What codec are you rendering to? h.264, for example, is pretty computationally intense and takes longer to render than other codecs. –  Jason Conrad Jan 5 at 17:11

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I use Sony Vegas 12pro and it uses CPU rendering OR certain codecs can render to GPU. I have used GPU rendering and found that it is only slightly faster but way buggier. GPU rendering is a pretty new thing so I'd stay away from it and I wouldn't expect it to be good for a few more years.

So the faster your CPU the faster the video will render. The GPU is doing nothing with CPU rendering. Well it is doing basic windows OS stuff but not handling the rendering of the file.

I've been editing with Sony Vegas for 5 years and started with version 8.

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Not likely. Graphics card memory is more about loading information on to the card for textures and such for rendering. It isn't really a key component of pushing information through the GPU itself. When using a GPU for rendering, we are interested in the high level of parallel performance that a GPU can reach for relatively simple calculations. The rate at which information can move in and out of the card as well as the rate at which the GPU can process matters, the memory on the GPU is not generally going to be a bottleneck.

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Ok, what GPU do I use to achieve 1:1 rendering speed (realtime) for simple effects (pan. crop, titles)? –  user4551 Aug 18 '13 at 0:23
@user4551 - if you really want real time capability, your best bet is to get a real time video editing card. Most of the good ones also would give you realtime or greatly accelerated H.264 encoding. Matrox is personally one of my prefered vendors for such things, though many other companies make similar products. Black Magic Design and RED also have similar types of cards and I'm sure other companies do as well. Be aware that they are still limited to certain effects and resolutions though because the difficulty goes up with resolution. –  AJ Henderson Aug 18 '13 at 0:44

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