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I have a video segment that is i.e. 6 Minutes in length. The person points to some object and I would like to zoom into that part of the clip for a few seconds and then slowly zoom back out to the full shot. I have found out how to partially do this with the crop & ken burn effect.

But this requires me to blade the clip a few times, right? If I were to diagram it it would be like this: | being a blade

...|-ken burn crop in-|-stay in closeup-|-ken burn crop out-|... 

Is there a better way to do this? Is there also a way to keep cropped in at the exact position? Currently I am approximating the crop % and the position, which causes the clip to jump slightly.


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What you like to accomplish is a zoom? In that case you can just add keyframes on the position of the video within your canvas/composition.

  1. Find the moment where you want to zoom.
  2. Add keyframe on the scale / position
  3. Add keyframe on end of the zoom
  4. Set preferred value
  5. Add keyframe one frame before zooming out
  6. Add keyframe on that next frame.
  7. Add keyframe at the end of the zoom
  8. Set the value of that keyframe back to 100% (original value)

That's it!

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