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Does anyone know of what kind of hardware along with any good codecs that could reasonably encode 3 x 1920x1200 60fps DirectShow streams in real time? Preferably a lossless codec but I know at these massive rates it might not be feasible. I know there are some OpenCL/CUDA based codecs out there but don't know of what kind of hardware would be required to to this in real time. Price is non-issue but we are planning on using epiphan's DVI2PCIE capture cards.

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To do this, you would need real time encoding hardware and some seriously high speed hard drives. I know devices like the Matrox MX-02 will work for 1080p30, but I'm not sure about resolutions higher than that and at 60p. I think Black Magic Design has some 4k real time encoders but I'm not sure if they support 60p. Multiple SSDs would also pretty much be a requirement. Probably on separate controllers and even then the bus rate might be a bottleneck with that much data.

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