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When tapping a simple beat on my MPD24 controller in Ableton Live on a Macbook, the notes sound fine when I play them, but as the clip repeats, they seem to play too early. I must admit I am an utter amateur, but it seems like Ableton has moved the notes a bit earlier (to compensate for latency?).

Notes just before the beat

Perhaps there is something wrong with my brain, but I really think I am playing these notes on the beat, not before. There is also a notable difference between when I play them and when the clip repeats after that.

What setting controls this behavior? Is there a MIDI latency setup step that I skipped?

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Go to Preferences, the click on the MIDI/Sync tab.

Open up one of your MIDI ports, and you will see the MIDI Clock Sync Delay.

Mess with that.

Ableton MIDI settings

If that doesn't do it, then Driver Error Compensation, under Latency in the Audio tab.

Ableton Audio settings

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Just to verify that this is the switch; if I set the MIDI clock sync delay to some ridiculous value, my notes should be way off, no? This doesn't happen. – noio Jul 11 '13 at 21:58

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