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I've got a video and I thought it's size was 640x480 and this is shown on GSpot.

However also in the container section of GSpot it is saying

 Recommended Display Size: 853 x 480

does anyone know where it get's this from?

1) If it is calculated what from?

2) If it is a property of the file while isn't it the same as the width x height?

GSpot Example

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I don't know what tags or fields are present in a .MP4 file, but something is flagging the file as having a 16:9 'display aspect ratio' (shown as "dar" in GSpot), while the 'pixel aspect ratio' (par) is 4:3.

((480 * 16) / 9) = 853

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480 is the original height? Multiplied by the dar ratio width, divided by the dar ratio height = 853 new width? Seems an odd calculation –  Blundell Jan 13 '13 at 1:15
BTW 16:9 is correct, so is it the 'par' that needs updating and this would correct the original WxH? –  Blundell Jan 13 '13 at 1:20
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